Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Reasons I am the Happiest I Have Ever Been

Earlier this week I was having a hard day at work. Not getting a promotion I was really hoping for and honestly thought my chances were very high. Kinda crushed me a little bit. I generally am not a HUGE cry-er. I mean when the time is right I can let the gates open but generally I was good at keeping it together when I wanted/needed to. I am blaming this one straight up on pregnancy, but I can't hold it in anymore! When I feel it, I do it. If I try to stop the tears then I start to do that little hic-up cry thingy. The one that is all dramatic like the world is ending. So I came home to Jordan and let him hold me while I calmed down. After it was all out I just sat there and realized how incredibly blessed I am! How such little things can seem so upsetting but when you look at the big picture, it's really just tiny and unimportant. Here are 10 reasons why I am the happiest I have EVER been!

  1. Jordan - I can't help it. I have seen so many people with men (or women) in their lives who just completely take them for granted. I hate hearing "does your husband help you with the house or the baby?" because I always feel like he's not helping ME, we are doing it together. We chose this life together and put in equal work. Married life is an adjustment but I am so so grateful for having a husband who cares so much for me and our baby brewing inside of me. My losses are his losses. He feels for me in all my trials and supports me so I can stay strong. He is going to be such an amazing daddy!! I am so head over heals for him, more than I was 9 years ago. He's so funny and makes me laugh every day. Plus I love him rubbing my belly and talking to our baby.
  2. I love my job - I have thought with being a mommy maybe I should look for a job where I can be home more, or work more flexible hours. I have never wanted to leave my company, I just really enjoy their values and pay schedule. So I've had thoughts about moving around but I just can't. I absolutely love what I do every day. I get to spend time with people that I care about and help them. I love going to work. It almost doesn't even feel like work most days. I know I'll need to continue to work through-out mommy-hood (for financial reasons) and it is scary but I hope it helps that I enjoy my work.

  3. My family - I have always been able to find support in my family. They know how to make me feel very loved and make me who I am today. I am humble because I am so grateful. With my parents divorce when I was 15 I worried I would lose a sense of closeness. However, in a way, it brought me much closer to a lot of my family members. I loved getting to see my niece grow up in her early years and spend so much time with my sister and helping her through boy drama. I could go on forever but I just love them all to the moon and back.
  4. Our home - We love it here! We tried to get a home awhile before and we just couldn't for so many reasons but to have a place to call ours now is just incredible. We love the space and deciding what to do with the rooms together. We love talking about our next home and how our child will grow in our homes. Just making little memories like making dinner and watching a movie on the couch or putting up our Christmas tree. It's the best.
  5. Friends - I have such great friends. I am so grateful for the trueness of my friendships and positivity it brings me. Although growing up and life require so much of my time, I know I have them. I love hangin with especially my bestie and her cutest little girl. Sometimes a best friend is all the therapy you need. She knows me so great and was there for me through any of my rough patches (and good times of course) for the last 6 years!
  6. Baby - I've mentioned before that starting a family was not easy for us. I am so so so insanely in love with our unborn baby that is growing in my tummy. My ultrasound wasn't scheduled till October so we decided to go early to Fetal Foto's to see our tiny babe. It was the best thing ever. I am so happy we did. We got to see the baby so cozy with little arms tucked in by the sides of the face. And watch the baby move. It brought me to the most joyful tears I can never fully explain the way my heart melted. We cannot wait to experience parenthood and all the ways we will see our family and marriage change and grow.
  7.  Health - I am so happy that I am healthy. Not necessarily do I eat the way I should but over all, you know what I mean. I have all my senses and can dance if I want to or sing as loud as I want to. I am so happy to have legs and nails to paint. Along with my family members, so happy they are all in good health. We can go on bike rides together on nice fall days.


Nora Spaulding said...

Congrats on the house, baby and everything! It seems you are truly very blessed. :) Good Luck with everything! <3

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love this post Allie!!! So excited to meet your baby GIRL!!!

jodi said...

love you , My sweet Step Daughterxoxoxoxo