I once read that the more often that you write down your dreams, the more often you will remember them. Also, that every night you dream multiple dreams, but that it is a skill to teach yourself how to remember these. Sometimes I think they mean something. That they can be dissected. Other times they seem just totally off the wall and crazy. I think they can be influenced by fear, stress, hopes, ambitions and just something you seen that day. They can be subconscious or something you're totally aware of. Either way. They fascinate me. I used to keep a dream journal. Now I just use this page of my blog.

Sweet dreams for teens

02/19/13 -

Me and Jordan are in a house that has 3 large windows on the front that run from the floor to the ceiling. Standing in the living room we hear screams from outside. Jordan runs out to help them. I watch from the glass windows and see 2 little girls in the house across the street screaming. Before Jordan can get to them to help a man with weapons chases him back to our house. I grab the biggest knife I can find and when Jordan comes inside he stands next to me. The man is outside staring at us through the glass. He has a long dark beard, a beanie, an ice pick in one hand and an ax in the other. I hear someone screaming "it's pick it man!! pick it man!!" He throws the ice pick at us first, in the way that one would normally throw a Frisbee. It breaks the glass and we dodge it. I then throw my knife at him and it bounces off the ground and then sticks into his ankle. He looks down and says "Ow!" Then laughs evilly and chucks the ice pick at us. We start to run. I wake up.


02/18/13 -

My sister comes over to tell me she has some really bad news. When I ask, she says that she is pregnant and not ready so she wants to get an abortion. I start crying and ask her if she has already gotten the procedure. She says no but she is on her way to. I tell her if she will not go, and let me and Jordan adopt the baby instead. She asks me if we'd 100% be willing to do this, I am terrified but say yes.

01/04/13 -

I see Caroline (from vampire diaries, silly, I know) she is sitting in the split of two stair wells curled in a ball and crying. She is terrified a werewolf is going to get her. He is up stairs. I tell her it will be okay. I will distract the wolf while she escapes. One will go one way, the other the opposite way. It will be simple.

12/07/12 - 

I was in a room with a friend of mine and they are looking through Jordan's phone and say "OMG Allie you have to see this" I come over and look through the texts. There are two conversations going one with Sarah and one with Deloris. Both of them he calls them "baby" and "beautiful" I am PISSED! Jordan walks in the room and I confront him about the texts and find out he had an affair with both ladies back in February. I tell him it's over, I'm leaving. I am bawling hysterically. "Don't leave.. I'm sorry!" He says with tears in both of our eyes. I tell him I can't stay. I don't wanna know the details. I just can't do it. He opens the window and puts all his weight forward forcing him out. I shout for him to stop but it's too late. He's fallen a mighty length and hit the pavement outside. I go visit him after he is out of the hospital. Again, I can hardly see through these rivers. Both of his arms and legs are shattered and casted. But I am so happy he's a live. "I'll never leave, I am so happy to see you, I am so glad you're still here" I hug him and he smiles..

12/02/12 -

Jordan and I are in the back seat of a car. A girl I work with is in the passenger seat, she says to another guy next to me, "Hey come sit up front with me." He gets out of the car and she gets out with him and they hold hands and star to walk away together. Me and Jordan look at each other and get out of the car. We are in the circle where I grew up and it is a very sunny day. We are walking east. We are just friends. Never kissed. Never touched. I like him so much. He makes my heart race. He looks down at me as we walk and says "Allie, do you know how beautiful you are?" I blush and look at my feet as a gust of wind picks up and my hair blows across my face so I casually tuck it behind my ear. Jordan grabs my hand from my hair and holds it and we continue to walk. Fingers intertwined. My heart is racing faster. He looks at me again and with a smile says "This is the start of something wonderful"

11/13/12 -

I was in front of my dad's house and I see a shadow through a door and the shadow has a gun. I try to hold the door shut so that they can't get out of the house. They rip the door open and it is my younger brother. There are many other people out in the circle and my brother starts shooting. I cover his eyes to try to avoid him from getting anyone. He breaks lose and turns to shoot someone behind him. I grab a gun and shoot the back of his right calf to stop him. He goes down and I start to scream "call 911!" When the ambulance gets there, I get in with him and am holding a towel on his leg. I'm crying terribly. I start to look at him and think "this isn't like you, you would never do this" I pull off his baseball hat and blood just starts gushing out of his scalp. I start screaming "He's got a brain trauma! Help! Help! Help!"

09/09/12 -

I was in an airplane and heard that there were terrorist attacks happening with the planes. I looked out my window and saw the new york skyline as we flew over the ocean. In just the blink of an eye, I saw two planes headed in the same direction. One T-boned the other and there was a huge fire and smoke instantly as they went down. We were gliding over a body of water, so to try to save myself I jumped out of the plane. I was immediately engulfed by huge waves surrounded by the other people that were just involved in the plane crash. There was tons of debrie and smoke, waves and people. I started swimming towards the shore, trying so hard to keep my head above the waves. I felt something grab my leg and looked back to find a lady, probably late 40's, splashing in a panic manner and screaming she can't swim. I wanted to help but she was pulling me under. I tried kicking to stay above water but it wasn't working. Shortening breaths. Swallowing large amounts of water. I was about to die. This was the end.

08/05/12 -
I am in Taco bell. One of the staff members from behind the register screams "He's here, everyone run!" I see a big truck pull up outside with its headlights glaring through the front doors of the restaurant. Everyone is trying to get out as quickly as they can. A man I know walks through the front door and starts with a shot gun shooting everyone as they try to escape. I sneak towards the back of the room, where they prepare the food, hoping he won't find me. I am cornered if he does. I hear silence and I think it is over. Then he is there. Right in front of me with his weapon. He points it at me but it does not fire. He's out of ammunition. 

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Stephanie @ Shades of Color Art said...

Very interesting. I believe too that they mean something. In fact, I like to look for the meaning of my dreams. Maybe I shouldn't believe what they say on the internet, but I think is really fun to "know" the meaning of your dream. Sometimes I get scared about the meanings and try to not pay attention to it. But, I'm a dreamer! :)