Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't You Worry

Pretty simple right? Don't worry! Whenever I get caught up in the worries of life I try to remember the good ole "Hakuna Matata" No worries. For the rest of your days. Gangnam  Simba style.
I heard on the radio a month or so ago "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia.
The repetitiveness of 
"Don't you worry, don't you worry child.. Seattle's got a plan for you"
Calms me from my worries.
Good things come to those who are patient.  It is important not to worry and keep peace of mind and an optimistic outlook on life. Attitude is everything.

People will judge others according to their own life, and while judging is wrong in the first place, it also says more about them than about you. Don't worry about those people, if they lived one day in your place, they'd be astounded, overwhelmed, surprised, and never ever judge you again... so for now, just forgive them for their ignorance............. Angela from

This is important to me. For the majority of my lifetime I feel I have been positive and 
It is something I never wanna lose. As Taylor would say..
"Like Ever!"

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Gina said...

WE are never ever ever going to worry! We-ee are never ever ever going to worry!