Thursday, December 6, 2012

Early Days

This week is full of them!! It is hard to have back to back days where you wake up at 5. I'm sure all you mommies out there think "I do that all the time" haha well NOT I!

I am happy that the weekend is upon us. It will be a fun one! Each weekend seems slightly eventful which is great! Even the little things, especially the little things, always make for a fun time. We're going to Olive Garden, my fave, for a friend's birthday dinner. And then going to cross something off my Pinterest baking board with my bestest. It'll be fun!

Today I am blogging to you from my new desk! I am in love. Just need some cute little handles for it. The ones that came with just are too plain. We picked it up from the "kids" section at Target. I just knew I wanted a white desk and that is where it was found :)

Isn't my phone cover the cutest thing??


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