Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Icy Day

After the snow storm yesterday the roads are mighty mighty slippery today! Gina came over to bake and I couldn't even make it out of my street at first. We figured it out luckily. I was not in the mood to push haha. That's the joy of living on a slanted street. I was afraid of this. 

So now I am sitting inside and thinking about going back out into the madness to do some Christmas shopping. I can't help but try to sway myself away from it. But I think I am going to. It must be done! I will fulfill my duties. 

Plus.. Once I get to Target, I know it'll all be worth it. I love it there.

Last night my mommy dyed my hair. She did a great job, but more than the fact that I no longer have 3 inches of roots, it was just nice to talk to her. We had a good heart to heart. Great weekend!


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