Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beyonce Fierce

beyonce has some "deep down feeling" music.
my favorite was always 'if i were a boy'
recently i heard her 'i was here' from her most recent album.
it's so inspiring..
i love feeling inspired.
i attached a live performance here, with lots of her highlighting moments, i really liked it.
i am hoping to leave a footprint on the sand of time.
and leave the world a little bit better, just because i was here.

each day is a gift.

i struggle with anxiety.
not clinically diagnosed but i get mini attacks.
i try not to let it prevent me from doing things i want to do.
unfortunately sometimes it does.
but its something i work on every day.
i guess i am sort of like the hulk.
i always am trying to manage my hearts pace.

nothing is more freeing than running.
just me. and the treadmill.
my headphones and my thoughts.
its so therapeutic.
when i am really worked up i tell my legs they don't get to choose when to stop.
and it makes me feel a sense of control.
something i have utter control of.


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