Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nightmare Returns

I have so many dreams about shootings.
Ever since the Batman incident, it's a huge fear of mine!
You would think I was there.
Last night I had at least 3 dreams of being in an area where there was a shooter.
The last one is where I woke myself up because I couldn't breathe and was trying to scream help him!

I was in front of my dad's house and I see a shadow through a door and the shadow has a gun.
I try to hold the door shut so that they can't get out of the house.
They rip the door open and it is my younger brother.
There are many other people out in the circle and my brother starts shooting.
I cover his eyes to try to avoid him from getting anyone.
He breaks lose and turns to shoot someone behind him.
I grab a gun (don't know where it came from) and shoot the back of his right calf to stop him.
He goes down and I start to scream "call 911"
When the ambulance gets there I get in with him and am holding a towl on his leg.
I'm crying terribly.
I start to look at him and think "this isn't like you, you would never do this"
I pull off his baseball hat and blood just starts gushing out of his scalp.
I start screaming "He's got a brain trama! Help! Help! Help!"

This is where I woke.

I know everyone has crazy dreams but these sometimes seem too much to bare.


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