Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dentist and Soaps

J and I are playin hooky today.
I guess not really since they were both scheduled days off.
But we can't help but feel like we are back in high school.
I got my teeth cleaned today!
My dentist sent me a "free bleaching"
I was stoked!
So I get there with my coupon and they say its a take home treatment.
That's fine.
At the end of my appointment a girl comes in with these metal mouth guard lookin things and sticks them in my mouth to make sure they fit.
That wasn't too bad.
She fills the trays with plaster, without even telling me what the heck is going on
and walks up to me and jams it in my mouth.
The plaster is dripping all down my shirt and all over my chin.
She takes it out and says "It didn't work, lets try again"
I'm spitting out all this yucky stuff as it starts to harden and then we have to do it again.
She repeats. I have to keep it in my mouth for a good minute or so.
The whole time I was gagging, I thought I was gonna vomit.
I guess these were "impressions" for my whitening trays??
Dang, I don't think I'll ever do that again!

Then I went to get my glasses ordered.
Swung by Bath and Body works for their 7 for $20 sale on hand soap!

Bath and body works

Hit up Chik-Fil-A to pick up lunch for me and my sweetie.
Did some grocery shopping.
It's been a nice day!



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Gina said...

Son of a B., I thought just Jordan was off! I was like hello............ Glad you've had a good day!