Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Time

I usually blog at night.
Because with my job that is about the only time I get.
Well, I am all ready for work, and should be on my way there.
However, instead, I am sitting here waiting for instacare's to open.
My stupid ear has been giving me problems since Friday night.
Although it is feeling better, right now it doesn't hurt.
I just cannot hear out of it.
To avoid any problems I feel like I should go get it checked out.
I HATE going to the doctor's.
I always think, I can fix it, it's not that bad.

Welp, this time, you have won!
Darn ear.

On a funner note.
Tomorrow is Halloween!!!
Are you going to dress up??
I ordered my costume online.. A leopard.
And it said "estimated arrival Oct 29-Nov 1"
But it came Friday.
BUT it's not at all what I ordered.
Just a plain black cat costume.
But eh. for 15 bucks plus s&h, it'll do!

These are my half-assed costumes from last year.

I just really wanted to wear a hat on backwards so I was a "skater"
And the bottom one a "fairy" basically my work clothes with wings.

Excited for work tomorrow, sounds like we'll have a lot of peeps dressed up!


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