Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm 24

Birthday pictures!!


Every year my birthday is so humbling.
I am so grateful for all the kind people I get to have in my life.
Last Sunday we did dinner at my dads to celebrate and carved pumpkins.
On my actual birthday I slept in a little, worked, and went to dinner with my husband.
He got me the most gorgeous flower arrangement I have ever seen
And also a bunch of stuff for my camera and a blu ray I was wanting.
We had a lot of fun playing around with my new fish eye lens.

Friday night some friends came over and we just ate snacks and played some Phase 10.
My bestie got me a bieber t-shirt and some sweet coasters.
My sissy got me a gift card to my favorite place in the world.
I love having people over and just casually hanging out.

Saturday Gina took me to lunch and we did some shopping.
Which explains the TJ Maxx and Target bags.
Look at the adorable Chevron pillow I got!
SOOOO cute right??
 We also went to the sweet tooth fairy and ate some yummy cupcakes.



Nora Spaulding said...

Happy 24th my dear!:) Hope you had a great one, looks like you did..
TjMaxx looks fun, friends and games, love the bubble photos too and those pillows at the end look sweet!

Gina said...

So fun! Time goes by way to fast! Love you girl :)