Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today, I am happy

I know I am a happy person when I am all by myself.
Just sitting in my room,
Or driving solo,
When I just feel this over whelming feeling of happiness.
It happens fairly often lately.
I'm just sitting there and my heart starts to get warm.
Almost even aches.
I appreciate life.
And all I have.
All the people I get to know.

People are so incredibly complex.
We are all so different and unique.
Even with a similarity, that same similar interest is different to each person.
And we all get to live it.
Getting to experience being ourselves and weaving in and out of days in our own unique ways.
Life truly is incredibly beautiful.
I feel there is no other way of putting it.
Just the colors the sky makes.
The movement my heart creates.
And the experience of knowing myself and that no one is the same.
Amazing - it all is.

The little things that made me smile today:
Someone appreciating that my scenario was "Chandler Bing" and them laughing at my joke of "Could my id number BE any longer??"
 My girl getting through on The Voice after doing an amazing job of singing her version of Payphone
Thinking about decorating for Christmas and watching Jingle All the Way
Partaking of a hot bubble bath
Eating one too many cookies with no regrets


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