Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Bedroom Lately

I got these frames for above our bed at IKEA for $15 each!
Not too bad right??
And that mirror in the corner, I picked up from a consignment store.
Listed at $50 I got it for $40!

I need to order a bigger size of our picture but for now this will do.
I love how much our bedroom soothes me!

Today at work I got my desk moved.
It's pretty cool.
I like a little change here and there.
I am now closer to err body.
Good stuff.

I had a great birthday!
I have very limited pictures to post.
But I will do so soon :)

we are having a small get together tomorrow to celebrate with a few friends.
Then it'll be till next year.
I feel like a 24 year old.



Natasha said...

Your bedroom is adorable! I love the neutrals with the bright colors. Super cute.

emily said...

Oh my what consignment stores do you go to?! I have been looking for one of those mirrors for ages!

Lacie @thedanielsons said...

seriously where is this consignment store? Your getting some major deals :)

I love the picture frames SO CUTE! and they bring a fun pop of color to your room. I love ikea!