Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sky Blue / Mirror Upgrade

 We have been painting our room and finished last weekend.
When we moved in everything was the same color,
the walls, the trim, the doors.

So ... blah.

It was hard choosing a color for our room but we decided to leap with light blue.
When we were buying the paint they thought it was for a baby room.

Also today I got a new mirror to match our dresser better.



We love it.
It brightens the room even more.
And it just doesn't get better than natural light.



SimplyHeather said...

I love it - I heard on a radio talk show that blue walls contribute to calmness! So be prepared to be calm haha (: hope you had a good weekend.

Michelle said...

I love your room and all of the light!

Gina said...

Um.... LOVE it!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

SO SO ADORABLE! I LOVE IT! Your room is SO SO cute too! :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty !! I love it !!! (: -Melany