Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday in a Nut Shell

Jacket: Forever 21. Scarf: Aeropostale
And it is almost over.
Today was an interesting one.
Direct TV was out here for 3 hours Monday and said they were coming back today to do MORE stuffs.
So their time frame was 9 - 12.
Not nearly as bad as last time cause at least we did not have plans around this time at all.
But we waited. and waited.
No one called or showed up.
Real professional.

So we went and got lunch.
Hit the pool, I got to wear my new suit.
I got a roxy bikini for $15 bucks!
We took a short afternoon nap (sun can sure make ya tired)
And then went and saw a movie.
Premium Rush.
It was good.

I'm beat.
I love this right now,
Matchbox Twenty - She's So Mean


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