Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's been 11 years.
Dreams are silly things.
A few days ago, 09/09/12 I had a really odd dream.
I was in an airplane and heard that there were terrorist attacks happening with the planes.
I looked out my window and saw the new york skyline as we flew over the ocean.
In just the blink of an eye, I saw two planes headed in the same direction.
One T-boned the other and there was a huge fire and smoke instantly and they went down.
We were gliding over a body of water so to try to save myself I jumped out of the plane.
I was immediately engulfed by huge waves surrounded by the other people that were just involved in the plane crash.
There was tons of debrie and smoke, waves and people.
I started swimming towards the shore, trying so hard to keep my head above the waves.
I felt something grab my leg and looked back to find a lady, probably late 40's, splashing in a panic manner and screaming she can't swim.
I wanted to help but she was pulling me under.
I tried kicking to stay above water but it wasn't working.
Shortening breaths.
Swallowing large amounts of water.
I was about to die.
This was the end.

Jordan starts shaking me. "Babe, are you okay? Are you having a bad dream?"
I awake and see him.
I ask "What was I doing?"
"You sounded like you couldn't breath"


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♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

SO scary! Glad he was there to wake you up.