Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Wedding Album

hello. lovely.

in honor of our 3rd wedding anniversary i wanted to share some
pictures of our wedding scrapbook i've been working on.
a few pages i want to redo cause i feel i didnt do so well.
i'm not very experienced :)

 a few pages were done by a friend as a gift. she did a great job.
without this gift i probably wouldn't have pursued the rest of the book.
but i am glad i have it as it's fun to look back at.

i am very excited for in just less than a week the voice is starting back up.
and a girl i've loved from youtube tried out!
hope she gets through :)

tonight this is happening.
(please dont take me eating chik-fil-a as a debating opportunity)

and i am watching the newest SYTYCD.
going to take a bubble bath.
and listen to nature sounds on pandora.

its relaxing.
i love it.

it's also friends marathon week so its on all night.
couldn't get much better.



Gina said...

So cute! Love the new pages!

♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

You're so Gorgeous! I love he pictures. Your scrapbook looks great!