Monday, January 30, 2012

Tears On My Pillow

In the spirit of L.O.V.E. I want to share the moments I've seen on television, big screen, etc. that have brought tears to my eyes:

1.Ross and Rachel the Prom Video (where they get together)
2.Ross and Rachel the Break-up
3.Denny and Izzie

4.The Notebook where Noah tries to get Allie to stay "So you make love to me and go back to your husband. Was that your plan??"
5.A Walk to Remember, the first time I watched it was magically romantic
6.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days "When your mom hugged me, she really hugged me, for winning a game of bullshit"
7.Corey and Topanga break-up cause of this incident

8.The Vow trailer
9.The first time I watched Rascal Flatt's "What hurts the most" music video
10.Last night when I watched the season finale of Kourtney and Kim
11.Life as we know it - "NOT the way I got it, especially not with someone who didnt love me back" "I DID! I still do"
12.500 days of Summer - Please please please let me let me let me get what I want...
13.The Break-up. Everytime. Too little too late huh Jen?

Oh the list goes on and on...

What are your favorite tear jerking moments??

Please please please share!!!

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I got the idea HERE

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is sooooooooo cute!!!! I loved all these moments too! What a perfect blog to do~!!!!

Ashley said...

I would have to say all those that you posted have caused me to cry... and I'm a One Tree Hill fan... so definitely when Lucas is about to marry Lindsay instead of Peyton.. and Peyton goes to the wedding... seriously, so strong!!!!

Or when Meredith see's her husband get shot on Grey's..... ugh... worst love story on that show is the Denny & Izzie though... and I miss George... :( HAhahahaha looove your blog.

Laura said...

I am going to pick from an oldie but goodie. When Rhett leaves Scarlett in the end of "Gone with the wind"

Ashley Thompson said...

Frickin love the banner. And the break up moments...oh how we know how much these all tugged at our heart strings. One I have to add is the Pacey and Joey break up on Dawson's Creek. It's my guilty pleasure. I grew up with the people on that show! lol At least it felt like it. ;-) But, I'd have to say the worst break up of all time was a personal one. One thing is harder than marriage....divorcing your best friend. Love ya gal! And love the blog. xo!

Natasha said...

I legitimately cried when the old lady puts Todd back in the forest in Fox and the Hound haha. I have issues. But the biggest tear jerker is the movie Warrior. If you haven't seen it, it's a must see for sure!

meesch said...

biggest tear jerker of all time for me, has to be the last 5 minutes of the Sex and the City Series Finale... I still cry like a child every time I see it! Love your blog by the way, excited to start following :)

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