Monday, January 30, 2012

Headphones = Heart

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Whether its something like this:

Or something more like this:

The Headphones create a world away from a Monday.

Yeah, today's a Monday no doubt about it.
My alarm went off this morning and I was confused.
When did the weekend end??

I just am happy for a 4 day week.
I love when I make good decisions.
And I made a great one and took Friday off!
I'm smart huh!

I hope your day and week goes fabulous-o!

Random thought: remember on clueless when they call her Ambularr..? K love valley girl talk.



♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

Music makes EVERYTHING better!

Hope your week is better than mine has been. (yes I know it's only Monday.)

Jim and Amber Forman said...

Ha ha my girls growing up always called me Ambularr.. Still do sometimes. We are just that awesome!