Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Purse, No Tree, Things That Scare Me

I am Super in love with my new purse!
I got it yesterday from Target with the nudge of a gift card from Christmas.

I am sad the Holidays are over, However.. 
LOOK how much more space we have for activities!!!

Its so much more open. And I love it :)

I am watching the new Kardashians episode.
I just love Kourney and how she's obsessing with couponing.
Also, Humpfries, you're obnoxious.

Okay this movie freaks me out.
Just seeing the previews makes me not want to leave the room I'm in.
I was going to post a picture but their just too scary!!
I'm such a baby. I used to be able to stand those movies.
Now I just simply freak out.
Maybe its from when me and Jordan first got married and I had to spend nights alone cause he worked the graveyard shift. Oh boy I DO NOT miss that!!

What are you looking forward to this year??

ME you ask?? Valentines day! For The Vow. Its just around the corner :)



Miranda said...

love that purse! i love huge bags!

A Girl Named Allie said...

Miranda, ok, you have no idea how excited I am to sneak anything down candy isle into the movie theaters! I gotsa put this baby to use!

I'm Simply Momma said...

I feel ya on that devil movie! I CAN NOT handle those kinds of movies, If a preview comes on I will immediately change the channel, or close my eyes and cover my ears! HA

Your front room is SO cute :D I love the wall!

Gina said...

Frikin cute purse girl!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Cute purse Allie! AND I am the same way, I used to LOVE scary movies, but now they freak me out too much. I wake up in the middle of the night scared, which is sad because scary movies are so fun! :) I'm so jealous about the Kardashians, I haven't seen the last couple seasons because we don't have cable. BOO! I can't believe Kortney coupons? WHAT!? HA!

A Girl Named Allie said...

Thanks girls! Savannah, she does, and its hilarious. You are missin out. You can come watch them at my place. I have 'em recorded. Haha.