Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm About to Explode

This whole no Diet Coke thing just might kill me.
And I even had a little this morning

But I feel like my head is about to explode

Also, how funny, did you guys used to do this?
Oh you bet your darn dollar me and my siblings did.
Spit on your hands, wipe it on your feet, instant spider powers!
(sorry if thats ubber grossing you out, just the facts)
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Hope your head is in tip top shape today.
Headaches suuuuuuck!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

So sorry you have a headache. I've had a migraine ALL. DAMN. DAY and it freakin sucks.
Hope you feel better soon.
You can conquer the not drinking soda thing! Even if it's not cold turkey and just cutting down each day.

Good Luck!

{Grace} said...

my bro climbs up walls like that its kinda funny your just walking down the hall and theres a HUGE spider above you LOL!

Jamie said...

I feel your pain girl! I have tried time and time again to kick my love of soda. . .even making it a month with none, but I couldn't lose it forever. I don't drink coffee so my Coke is my drink of choice in the mornings at work. You will even see a Pepsi can in my blog's header. . .that is how much I must have it LOL.


Katie said...

I used to do that all the time with my brother. . . I even remember trying to "hide" there during hide and seek - pretty sure I wasn't successful!