Sunday, January 1, 2012

Double tag!

I was tagged again for the 11 questionaire by Nora @ Two is Better than One. Who also was the biggest sweetheart and did a sponsor post on mine and Jordans love story :)
See my original answers here!

Now, I Answer Nora's Questions!

What do you wish for in 2012? To Get a house!
What do you think brings people to your blog? My facebook posts, Sponsored buttons.
What do you think they like best about it? That I am transparent. Keeps it real. And express variety.
What hobbies do you have? Anything artsy. Drawing, painting. 
What are your favorite TV shows or movies, if no TV shows? I've been huge on Keeping up w/ the K's & Teen Mom. Trying to get caught up on Greys Anatomy. If you follow me, you know I miss X Factor. :)
Do you have a nickname or pet name from anyone and whom? People at work call me Allie-Girl. 
What did you do for the New Year celebration? Spent it with my sister-in-law then to Jordans friends for cards.
What would you love for your last meal? My moms home made lasagna and rolls. Yumm.
What is your favorite chore and what is your least favorite chore? Is there such thing as a favorite chore? Just kiddin! Favorite would have to be cleaning the living room. Fixing pillows, putting away items etc.  LEAST Favorite probably taking out the garbage. Cause its cold outside and we live in apartments so you have to walk really far. It stinks.

Dont you just adore pinterest?
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I hope you all had a safe New Years Eve!
Here's to 2012!


Nora Spaulding said...

Okay I think this bloggy love between us is too cute! okay, great answers and I know no such favorite chore really huh? I love keeping up with k's and teen mom as well:) Glad to hear you had a fun new years, mine was pretty boring...
if you have a personal FB profile, find me I'd love to chit chat more and become friends:)

Elisabeth said...

okay your bog is adorable! i am headed over right now to read your and jordans love story :) and yes, i do love pinterest. a lot. after reading your love story i'll probably head over and stalk your pin boards, hope thats okay :)
love your newest follower,

A Girl Named Allie said...

@ Elisabeth, you are the sweetest!!!

@Nora, I tried to add you, did it work? Haha the new FB is weird.