Thursday, January 12, 2012

Made Me Smile

There were ups and downs to today.
Like every other day. Of course.
However I dont want to tell you what the downs were.


Cause I'm just in one a dose moods! Optimist Prime not Negatron.

SO .... Here's the UPS - just things that made me smile today!

Mayday Parade's self titled album. Bought 4 songs and love them. Play & Repeat.
"you're adorable as hell but I'm glancing at your lips"
People dressed up like Ice Cream cones outside of Arbys.
The irony of errday life.
Over-sized sunglasses.
McDonalds thinking that "Spicy chicken sandwich in a meal" was "Happy Meal"
Payday woot! and making large payments to my debt.
Getting complimented on my outfit.
Almost slipping when trying to climb over desks. 
made me smile cause I didnt fall on my face.
That my home is clean when I got home.
The sun being out and shining its face off.
OOOH and I found this bad boy!!
Remember from this post???
This picture made me smile hardcore
cause jordan was just saying I do this.
Pinned Image

OOh and tomorrow is FRIIIIIIDAY! and jeans day.
And my work hang out party which should be fun.

HOPE your day is Rockin it Old School!



Breanna said...

cute outfit girl :)

Beautiful Mess said...

LOVE that photo of you! Also like that you were only focusing on the good things. Way to be positive!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

CUTE outfit and ha ha ha I do this to Wren. Don't ask him about last night. It was traumatic for him! HA!