Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I Used to Find Super Cool!

Particularly when I was a young lad-y, I had nooo fashion sense. 
When I say Nooo I mean NONE. 

Hence.. Now, as a young adult/older child, I reflect on dem times, bro.
Even dough those things I thought were cool then made me look like a fashion no-no,
I smile when I think about them in this moment.

I would wear my hair in high posted piggy tails during all athletic events.
Plus my home lounging.
And many other occasions.

I liked to wear my brothers sweat bands.
Or other boys' if I could "BORROW" them.

My super huge bell bottoms.

That I'd wear with these honking huge flip flops.
You know, to add some height. You still coudnt see my feet cause my legs were so short.

Blue eye liner. Yeah, this is me about 8 years ago.

Big chunky watches. I'd wear one every day.

These stickers you could get from vending machines.
I'd put them on my pants back pocket. Binders. Etc.
They usually sparkled.

I think these were cool. 
But I dont know if it was just me or if they were really cool.
Did you wear them???

I remember my piano teacher asking me if it was a tattoo...
I was 13 years old.. Uh no. Its not a tattoo.

Let me know if you had any other silly trends that you loved! I would enjoy hearing them!