Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking for :) in :'(

So I was upset about it. Then I decided to look for the :) in it.

AND so I'm going tanning. I know its bad for you. But I need a little sun and I dont go often and DAG Nabbit I deserve it! Haha.
I mean look at this face!

I'm drinking my weight in soda. At least for today, and tomorrow. Again.. I deserve it.

Last night I took a pain pill and then went and ran for 30 minutes. To show my body whose boss!! I kept thinking "Legs, you do not get to choose when to stop!"

I'm also wanting to eat my weight in cupcakes. You know, I did "work out" yesterday. So its okay.

LAST but most CERTAINLY not least, to cheer myself up, I bought not just one.. but TWO pair of adorable boots!

Jordan says he doesnt see a difference! Boys.



Breanna Hohenstein said...

love those booots :)

Laura said...

Great boots! What about self tanner?

Miranda said...

ok there is a big difference!!! but i love those brown ones! :)

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Love your blog!! Too cute :) New follower.

And of course love your boots! If I lived in your area, I would so give you a spray tan. It's what I do :)

Anonymous said...

your boots are hella cute!!

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