Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - More pictures

Hey Savannah, thanks for the photo's! Here's mine and Jordan's costumes from Friday's Halloween party at Wren's parents super sweet house in Draper.

Jordan was a Nerd and I was a "sk8r" I guess.. I just wanted to wear a hat on backwards. I wanted to do the mechanic thang but couldnt find an outfit.

Jordan is doing No-Shave-November.. Just a side note. This should be interesting. I'm excited for a few things this November.

Today what made me happy:

  • Taylor Swift's Speak Now cd that I FINALLY downloaded.
  • Doing greatly on a Supervisor Call I took.
  • My short hair.
  • Large Diet Coke.
  • The cold weather and snow, yes, this I enjoyed!
  • This Post.
See ya later player.

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