Thursday, November 3, 2011

Old Worn Vans

I remember my early teens, exactly one decade ago. Walking down a hallway filled with faceless peers, I didn't know a lot of people. Wearing a navy blue t-shirt with white print, "Angel" across the front, and of course wings to accompany each side of the word. Faded blue jeans that flared more than the average girls at the time. Then there were my Vans. My parents had never been know to spend much money on tennis shoes for either me or my siblings. However, one day I talked them into spending the 50 bucks on my wide-mouthed, white and babyblue Vans.

They were my prized possession for years! Long gone now.

Yet, the thought of those kicks spark the memory of one of the biggest humiliations of my teen years. The screeching voice of an over weight health teacher interrupting my daze during 4th period, "Stop batting your eyes and smiling at each other!! If you wanna do that, get her number after class, and move on!"

Mine and his faces, both instantly turned marinara red...

I thought to myself, I can't show my face here again...


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Rolled Up Pretty said...

Ha ha sad Allie! You are so funny! THANKS FOR LINKING UP TO MY BLOG! You are AWESOME! Link up parties are fun huh!? Love the new look of your blog!