Friday, June 24, 2011


I have come to a conclusion.
Ye! I may know this may come out a little bit crazy.
However, I am going to tell you anyway.
Ponder upon this before you judge too quickly..


How much cooler would your every day life be if you could wear a cape to work??
Not necessarily like a dracula cape

More like a super hero cape. Like this:

I think I should make one of these for everyone on my team.
After all, we are kinda like heroes :)

Current Obsessions:

Cherry Blossom Paintings.


Ruffles. Anywhere. Lamps, floral accents, tank tops, skirts, shoes. Cute!

Nicki Manaj


1 comment:

Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

Okay I love peonies and that ruffled lamp, are you kidding me?!!! So cute!