Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I was thinking the other day.
I want to not do the same thing.
All the time.
I wants to go to some shows.
The I call Fives show is this weekend and I think me and Jordan should attend together.
With him being a fan of the band and myself, could be a fun time.
I also want to see Blink 182 when they come in September. Get some of my party on.

I want to go to ROCKY MTN RACEWAY midnight drags. As much as I hate the noise, I can get some plugs.

I also wanna do just the regular Summer junk.
Camping, boating, firework attendance.
Carnival! I think we'll do that this weekend too.
All I can think about is the churro's and funnel cakes.

Can you believe June is almost over?
Summer always goes too fast.