Monday, April 25, 2011

What Moves You?

Sometimes my attention span lasts about as long as a bug under a magnifying glass.
But then again who doesn't enjoy some sun on a Summer day? ;)

I feel a bit inspired.
However my inspiration is as shallow as a couple of 10 year olds in "love"

I am inspired to go shopping. I dont even think I care what I buy.
A must, though, is Burlesque.
Come home throw it in, put on my sweats, slippers, blankie and have a delicious dessert..
Like a gotta have it ColdStone cookie dough and cake batter.
Or just a bowl of home makde Cooke dough in itself and a bucket of milk.

Most people may find inspiration the month or so before Summer to get on a treadmill and do a few miles each night.

With inspiration like mine, I'm gonna look super hot in a bikini this July.
Watch out!

I would love to look like this...

Instead I'll look a little more like this...

P.s. I know what I want my tatty to say. I'm just a pansy and too scared of the pain it'd entail. I admit it.

1 comment:

Sharistan Kay said...

Oh Allie, you make me laugh! lol You're funny! and your new apartment is pretty awesome I must say! :)