Monday, April 25, 2011

Out with the old, In with the wha-what?

This is our old apartment. Lots of good memories. I now know why people really like getting homes and never leaving them, its hard to leave a place where you spent so many wonderful "firsts" and good times. I loved our first home as a couple but it was definitly time for something different.

Our new place. I don't have a picture of the view at night yet but oh boy is it a beautiful sight. Right out our bedroom window see the twinkle of the city lights. Come the 4th of July it'll be a blessing! Who needs to go to fireworks when the best seat in town is right at home?


Wren said...

Your new apartment looks awesome!

Wren and Savy said...

LOVE the lime green and zebra print on your bed!!! Your whole apartment looks way cute, good job! K I will totally help you with the night stands too, I did sand mine but just a little bit. It's super easy! Thanks for becoming a follower of our blog too, you're the best!