Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moved In.

Woh Boy, Why do people move so much?
It freggen sucks. I almost started to wish that we would've just stuck with the crap our other place was giving us and avoided all the boxes.
But we're completely in to our new place! Yaye!
And with all the complaining I've done the whole time, I'm so happy.
It's adorable!
The carpet and walls are much more homely than our old apartment.
Last Sunday I was super sore from going up and down 3 sets of stairs probably..
NO exaggeration...
Like 2 million times!
3rd floor at the old place, 3rd floor at the new place.
We have almost everything switched over to our new address.
Insurance, Work, Bank, Internet!
We just got internet Thursday.
Now just trying to get some cable.

I'm going to put some pics up soon. Stay posted.


Lacie & Tanner said...

congrats! Moving is such a pain, but it sounds like your new place is worth it :D

It's about life. said...

Thanks! It definitley is. Did you get frustrated with Woodgate moving out?