Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Love V-day!

Okay I admit it, I am in love with love.
Nothing better! I have always been such a hopeless romantic, as a matter of fact. My belief is it started with my childhood. My father and I would always watch t.v. together and it was usually "Love Boat" or "Mad About You." My favorite song as a kid was "Last Kiss," seriously a romantic song. I didn't spend much time dressing like a princess or focusing on that childhood dream of love, I was always more focused on the mature real love. Not that life is like movies or songs all the time but I always dreamt about it. Ergo! I am in love with Valentines Day! When people complain about how horrible it is and the reasons they believe its horrible I can't help but disagree. "It puts so much pressure on romance when every day should just be an opportunity to be romantic", "It just reminds me that I'm all alone and have no one to spend it with." Valentines day, whether or not its the "most romantic day" of your life or just another day where you sit on your couch watching some chick flicks, Why not have a day to celebrate what we all search for in life... LOVE!

Plus, Jordan purposed to me on Valentines Day so it will forever hold a place in my heart :)

Flowers to brighten the always cold February!

Cute notes!

Celebrating each other and our happiness and love!

Cute dresses and shoes!
VDay Dinners! Always a long wait, but Olive Garden, Yum!

Flowers! :)

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