Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Things

5 things that make me happy.

My sissy. Look at her! She always is so fun to hang out with and laughs constantly. Plus she's always been there for me and always will. I luf her!

My VS Slippers. They are so soft and so warm and I want more :)
The pink ones would be fun.

The Jazz! I took this picture when we were sitting pretty in the front row for my Birthday. I of course prefer them when they're winning, which they didnt last night. But I'm always a fan.

The Hawaiian beach. Mmmm... Enough said.

Driving around when its warm out side and the sun warms up the whole car.
Especially when its when I'm driving home from work and I can roll down my window and hang my head out of it like a puppy.


Wren and Savy said...

Ally, those slippers are so cute! I love them ;) Are they way comfy? I too love when the weather is warm enough to roll the windows downs and blast the music! Yay that winter is almost over... :)

About Us... said...

Sav, they are SO comfy! I can have them upto my knees when my legs are cold or roll them down when its warmer. Their cute both ways! I am stoked for spring :)