Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting to know Jordan.

I know I lay a lot out in the open but Jordan is a little more shy than I am most the time so I'm going to take some time to tell you about my wonderful Husbandly Love.

1- His favorite color is blue. Most likely because the sky is blue and he's amazed by astronomy and the universe and stars.

2- Going on that same note, he enjoys stars and the universe so much that he got a half sleeve tattooed and thats the basic theme. Mixed in with a few of his other interests. See number 3 for an idea of what else is included.

3- He loves to bmx. He has for a long long time. He tries to teach me but I'm a wussy. He can do such cool stuff. I'll have to post some footage. He can do all these things and I'd name them but I forgot what all the tricks are called. Anyway, its hot! :)

4- P90X/working out. Ever since I've known him he's owned a gym pass, till recently which we quit golds and he's been doing P90X. He's always been in really good shape and he motivates.

5- Guitar. He plays both acoustic and electric. He's really good! I remember when we were in high school together I heard him play and was so shocked and ever since then he's given me little lessons here and there. He's like James Hetfield! (the reason I know who that is, is because of Jordie)

6- He's the youngest of 6 kids. His parents had him when they were 40. Pretty crazy! He wasn't planned (like a lot of kids lol) but I'm so grateful he was birthed (cheesy wording) God gave his mother a little miracle then which became my little miracle now.

7- Enjoys watching "A Walk to Remember" or "The Notebook" with me.

8- Is very complimentic (not a word) He always tells me how beautiful or pretty I am even when I'm rolling out of bed with a rats nest on my head.

9- He's LOUD! He does this sirrun thing which was picked up from Night at the Roxberry I'm sure. Everytime, it pierces my ears.

10- Dancing. Not always willingly but he does this "jigga jigga" dance which is accompanied by a chipmunk voice. Makes me laugh every time.

11- His favorite food is Beef Stroganoff, Taco Bell, or Steak. Texas Road House one of his favorites. Mine too, but this isn't about me right now.

12- He made up a song for me when we were dating. And recorded it onto a CD, and gave it to me, just randomly. I still have it. It was very romantic.

13- Loves dogs. He's wanted one since we got married and when we get a home its the first thing we're getting.

14- Has such a good heart. He's so humble and kind. He literally inspires me to be something great.

15- Shops mostly online or at Zumiez.

16- He's hilarious! He says things I have no idea where he gets them but whenever I'm having a down day he's destined to make me laugh.

I'm going to stop there but I hope you all enjoyed learning about JB who sometimes can be shy but he is so great, loud, and fun. I love him dearly!

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