Sunday, October 24, 2010

22 Yrs Young!

My birthday was overall pretty wonderful. Friday we went to the jazz game and the second we sat down a man came up to us and asked how we'd like to sit on the front row and I just asked how much the tickets are and when he said free I just about blew a lung. Seriously! It was amazing! AND I got dippin dots which is even better! The only downside was that Deron wasn't playing :( but other than that Amazing!! I like the new Haysward guy. We wooped too! won by like 10. Saturday I went shopping and to lunch with my BFFR and then dinner later at my place with some friends and then bowling. I was so happy to spend time with everyone but I think this is the last year I'll do anything like that, too much stress. Jordan was so sweet, he got me the prettiest bouquet of gerber daisies and baked me a cake. I got way to spoiled in gift cards. Then today my mom took me and my sis to chili's fo lunch. It was delicious and afterwards we went to the store and I got beauty and the beast on dvd and watched it at home while it rained outside. love it! Then headed to my dads for dinner and cake. Jodi makes some sweet fettucini it was delicious. I loved the whole weekend and now its over :(

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