Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost 22!

My birthday is coming up. Saturday! WOO! Me and my birthday have a love hate relationship the last couple of years. I love it but I hate trying to plan stuff because I always have this fear of planning everything and then everyone backing out last minute. Must be something I've picked up from years and years of this happening. However this year I'm letting go. I hope everyone I'd like to can come but if they don't want to be there thats okay too! I'm chill. Whatevs!

I am inspired today. I feel wonderfully alive. I want to find a way to feel like this every day. I love the quote, and I will just paraphrase, I don't remember it word for word, "The world is our play ground. We know this when we are kids but as we grow we seem to forget it" If we really felt like the world was our play ground, what would we do differently?

Life is an ice cream sunday. I want to drench it in chocolate syrup and sprinkles and take a huge bite! YUM!

Life is a dance floor. I want to put on my favorite stiletto's and sassy dress and get out there and dance until I drop.

Life is a million colored balloons. That I want to give to each and every child with a dream that holds a wish to make come true.

THe last one might've been a little cheesy but the sooner you learn that I'm a big pile of cheese, the sooner you'll know that I LOVE CHEESE! :)

Make someone smile today Salt Lake! Lets give them hell!!

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