Monday, September 1, 2014

Sleep? What's that?

I've wanted to share for awhile the truth about sleep. I gave been getting very little the last 6 1/2 months. I see a lot of people post or say their babies sleep through the night at such young ages but I never see anyone straight out be like "every night is a struggle" which makes me feel alone in this sleepless world. And embarrassed to say my baby is still up every 2 or less hours at night.  I can't figure out why it embarrasses me.  I try everything that everyone else has, my baby just hasn't figured out how to sleep through the night yet. And I am absolutely exhausted. 3-6 hours a night on average of sleep. That's like naps. Yet, sometimes when I'm up, rocking my sweet baby at 2 am, I just feel like I'll miss these days. It sounds crazy now and I won't miss necessarily the exhaustion, but more of the snuggles. The way my baby would rather sleep on my hard collar bone than her so mattress.  Feeling her soft pudgy hand grip my arm as her sweet sighs a company the rise and fall of my chest.  I feel pride that after these long nights, my baby wakes with the hugest smile waiting for mommy to kiss her cheeks for the first time of the day. Brooklyn did surprise me and only get up twice last night and I hopened we're turning a page but nothing will ever take away the memories I've built with her. ♡ ♡ ♡

But man I'm ready for some extra z's. 

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