Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 Months!

My baby girl is a whole half a year old!!! And she is cuter than ever. This is definitely the funnest stage so far. I am loving how every day she seems to be learning something new! She is so good at sitting on her own and loves her mommy very much. She definitely knows my face, voice and smell. We are seriously best friends. I love the relationship we have developed and how we teach each other. She is so giggly and happy. I have explored by taking her places that would normally make me nervous and shes been so good! We've given her carrots and apples. She is 25.9 inches long and 16 lbs! Measuring in the 60th percentile on weight, height AND noggin.

She is loving pulling herself up to standing position and walking with the help of mommy and daddy. She goes from her sitting to tummy a lot like she wants to crawl but not quite strong enough yet. Her drooling seems to be slightly cutting back, still drools a bit though. And her spitting up is down to maybe once a day.

Oh Brooklyn. I just feel if I continually stare at you that you won't grow so fast but you cease to amaze me! Thank you for blessing our lives with your little self. You're truly mommy's angel.

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