Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brooklyn Ann Burrows 2.12.14

Our precious angel arrived on February 12th 2014! Tuesday, the 11th, I had my weekly dr appt (37 weeks) where they told me I was only dilated 1 cm and 2/3rds effaced. My dr told me he was pretty confident I would see him again the following week and depending on what happened in that week we'd know more of an idea of when our baby would arrive. Good news was that baby girl was head down and heartbeat was great. Jordan and I went to work after the appt. I hadn't had any contractions that I noticed, I had some low back pain mostly at night but nothing super painful. I had to get up really early Wednesday so I showered and went to bed around 9 on Tuesday night. I woke up at about 9:30 pm to my water breaking. I screamed for Jordan who was downstairs. He shot up into the room and I told him what had happened. We hurried and grabbed a few extra things, luckily we had already packed our hospital bags, I wrapped some towels around myself (tmi) and we got in the car to go. We went to the ER and they wheeled us into a room to strap on the heartbeat monitor for the baby and the contraction monitor. It was interesting to see the contractions on the screen, I had just thought it was back pain. I didn't feel any abdominal contractions. The admitting nurse was doing all the regular stuff and when she checked my dilation, couldn't feel the babies head. She pulled out the ultrasound machine and sure enough the baby had flipped since that morning. They think that is what broke my water. The placenta was now down below our lil girl and baby was breach. There wasn't any way to try and turn her so they set us up for an immediate C section. When the words left the nurses mouth I felt my stomach drop. We hadn't even considered the possibility of a C section. The nurse left the room to get my dr there and schedule the operating room. I looked at Jordan and just started to bawl. I was so scared. The closest thing to surgery I've had is my wisdom teeth removed. I've never had a broken bone, stitches, nothing. So we got to the ER at about 10 and were headed to the O.R. by 12 PM. It was the absolute scariest thing I have ever been through. No joke, I thought I was going to die as they were trying to deliver my baby girl. The pressure freaked me out, knowing they were cutting me while I was awake freaked me out, and I couldn't stop shaking. I felt like I had a pile of bricks on my chest and I could not breathe. I remember Jordan holding my hand and continually asking "allie, are you doing okay? squeeze my hand." There was a sharp pain in my neck that ran down my back which the anesthesiologist said was from air entering my blood stream. When I heard my baby girls cry for the first time it was all worth it. Talk about the most amazing feeling in the entire world. Jordan looked at me and said "can you hear her??" They brought her close to me so I could see her before the cleaned her off. They then let Jordan hold her while they finished the surgery. I felt so much pressure, I'm not kidding when I say it felt like I was getting bariatric surgery. Like they were just squeezing everything out of me. (more tmi) They then took us to a recovery room. Brooklyn was born at 12:19 AM at 7 lb 8 oz and 19 inches long. I think I got to sleep around 3:30-4 AM. I do feel lucky that my labor was not excessively long but still think it was insanely scary. I admit, it is weird no longer having a pregnant belly, instantly it goes from feeling her kick to snuggling her. Both are amazing, but I have forgotten the feeling of no baby in the belly and am adjusting back.

I have been loving being a new mommy. Our little Brooklyn is now just 2 weeks old and is the most precious baby I ever saw. I may be biased but she is seriously so beautiful, I cant even believe it. I am enjoying all of the snuggles, smiles and seeing Jordan adore her. We are working ourselves into a new life with being new parents but we sure do love every piece of it. Even the interrupted sleepless nights. The nights actually aren't the worst. We're awake every 3 hours or so but I still get some sleep and also try and nap here and there. I am the happiest I could be. I feel truly blessed to get to finally hold our baby girl in my arms. I just hope to be the best mommy for her, she deserves the world. 

I am so grateful for all of the love and support of our family and friends. Brooklyn is loved and adored by so many.

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