Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yug & Yaye!

For the past few days I have been feeling very "yugh" only because I have had an extremely sore throat. Generally I'd self medicate by downing some Nyquil and sucking on cough drops all day. Being pregnant makes me nervous to take anything, I have a doctor appointment next week so I'll ask what is okay to help with the throbbing but it sure does bite the big one. I guess it just wouldn't be the holidays without a fever, cough and sore throat.

On a lighter and brighter note. No one ever really told me how amazing it is to feel your sweet heart move! I feel Brooklyn all the time and I just can't help but smile from ear to ear. She does the wave sometimes. Where she bulges my tummy on the right side for a few seconds then moves over the the left. I LOVE it! There is no other feeling like it. People have told me "it feels like an alien" but I disagree, I think it is the most natural feeling I have felt. Like this is something I should be feeling and is just part of life and growing a life. I am so very grateful for her and every day just hope for her to stay healthy and safe for a few more months.

I have been painting a little more than I ever have in my life. Just little projects for the nursery. I got this little cat at a thrift store in West Jordan for ONE whole dollar and covered it in some gold paint. I'm excited to put it at the end of some books.

I did actually do another touch up since the second picture around that eye and covered it with a gloss top coat. 

I also dipped a few mason jars in glitter! This is a messy project but, UH totally worth it! I used masking tape to make the hard line and then just mod podged and poured glitter on it. Removed the tape. And covered with a sealant spray :)

We also got Brooklyn's crib! The nursery is really starting to look like a baby room. I love spending time in there <3 br="">

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