Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baby Girl

I had my big ultrasound last week! The tech said I am measuring about 4 days ahead but they're going to keep my due date the same. 
But seems there is a good chance we might get a February baby.
I had no idea they did this, but the tech recorded the entire ultrasound and put it on a dvd for us to take home!! I am ecstatic that we get to keep our little video forever! We of course also got a few more images to hang up. Everything looks great! 
The tech also confirmed we are having a 
We are so happy that our baby is healthy. I can already tell that she'll be a little daddy's girl.
Jordan will be the most precious father and teach her what to look for in boys (long, long down the road)

 Check out her little button nose. If she gets Jordan's dimples I think we'll be in trouble.


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Karalee said...

Awwwe! YAY I am so happy for you!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

How precious! I love her!!!