Wednesday, October 23, 2013

25th Birthday!

Today is my 25th BIRTHDAY! I just wanted to take a quick moment before I lay my head to sleep for the night to thank all of my wonderful friends, family, and co-workers. I was really excited to take the day off, since I couldn't last year. Last week I got an appointment for a mandatory training I had to attend from 1230-430 so then I thought "at least I can sleep in, and go in later."  Well... Yesterday I got another mandatory appointment for a meeting at...
get this..
7 AM!!!
I was bummed to say the least. I would then might as well work the whole day. I ended up doing so and it was not bad at all! Jordan delivered flowers to my desk yesterday (thinking I'd be off on my birthday) and I felt absolutely overjoyed and slightly embarrassed. The attention of a bunch of flowers hanging on your desk brings roses to my cheeks. The smelt fabulous though and it completely made my day/week/everything!
The two sets was the sweetest part. He said one was for baby. Which is another reason my birthday felt so special this year! With our little scare earlier in the week it was just a reminder of how grateful I am for her growing inside me. Every time I feel her I just get a sense of magic running through my bones. 
My co-workers were the sweetest. My friends and all the birthday wishes then dinner tonight with my husband and sister was very special. Plus, she got me a few things for baby room :)

The cherry on top was a call from my niece to wish me happy birthday. 

Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness. It makes me feel very unreal with love and happiness. I am excited to see my bestie and family this weekend to continue some celebrations.

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Nora Spaulding said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry to hear about your scare, hoping everything is JUST fine. Much love to you and yours. <3 Happy 25th- it'll be the best yet!