Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This is all my days consist of. Well and work.

At least till glee is back, I have youtube. AND pitch perfect.

Last weekend I got a mani with the bff. Some ice cream with my hubby. Balloon release for our friends. Got my hair did by my momma. 
Weekends are the cherry on my sundae. (i actually don't really like cherries) We had sundae's at work yesterday. Seriously. Amazing. 

My days are not exciting. 

Sometimes I feel so... average. Maybe even less, maybe even like boring.
Yeah. Sometimes I feel so boring!

But I have a good heart (i like to think so). So I guess that counts for something.

AND I love ice cream.


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Park Street said...

I love that color of nail polish. Isn't it just the best feeling right after you get them painted? I can never stop rubbing my fingers over them.

And having a good heart overrides a million exciting potential lives. ;)