Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make It New Again

It's the most simple of home decorating tips.
However, it never really crossed my mind until I read it in a magazine a little while ago.
When you don't really have money to get new decor for your home there are such great ways to use the stuff you already have and make it feel like new again!
It can be as simple as just rearranging furniture/decor to a new place in your home and all of a sudden the room feels more exciting. Like how you felt the first time you got the item.
I know from personal experience how awesome this works!
Or you can take items you have and just add/take away from them!
An easy one is a candle and wrapping it in scrapbook paper.
Or "painting" the inside of a clear vase to bring it to life.

Here are some pictures of changing around decor.

This little picture frame and lantern are making its way around my house.


It used to look like

Those flowers and mirrored candles are also roaming our room.

I love mixing it up.
Probably at least once a week :)


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