Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last week Gina and I got together and went to The Wood Connection for the very first time! That place is awesome! I love it. Can't wait for my next project. We got letters to paint and modge podge for Christmas decor. Mine say "Ho Ho Ho"

I think I need a little Santa to go in front of them or something.

Our weekend has been great. Yesterday we went to breakfast at Denny's with my family, my sweet grandma paid for everyone. And today was our baking party! This year we did some oreo truffles. I ate a TON and now my tummy hurts. So worth it though :)



Gina said...

A wooden Santa?? Let's do dis. Those cookies? Yummmm.

Karalee said...

Great job!! Very cute and decorative :)

Tasha Moore said...

Those are super cute Allie! I think I may have to make some now :)