Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Made Stockings

I had an idea to make some stockings for Jordan and I. We had been using the red and white fluffy ones for our first 3 years of marriage and this year I wanted them to be a little bit more personalized. Although it would have been much easier to just go out and buy some that were a little more unique, I thought
"How hard would it be to just sew my own??"

Given that I do not have a sewing machine, I decided to do it all by hand. I had a needle and some thread. They're just small things. Shouldn't take too long.
But now, I may take them to my moms and run over the seams with her machine just to make them a little more durable. However, I am so happy with how they turned out!

A few weeks back I was with G at Hobby Lobby and just came upon this adorable chevron fabric. I knew I had to get it! It is kind of canvas-y so I later went back and found some similar material for the top.

I could post the tutorial on how I made them but its pretty basic. I cut out the fabric in the shape I wanted it and flipped it inside out to sew then flipped it right side out. With the top I sewed it in like a circle and flipped and then sewed the two ends together and then attached it to the foot.

A few finger pricks later and..


They obviously sort of look home made. I'm not a pro.. yet. But it took quite awhile.
I feel happy to have them finished under our tree.

Now maybe a tree skirt. Most likely not till next year.

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