Saturday, October 13, 2012

Window Shopping Online Style

Today, Charles and Chuck (gina and i) got our shop on.
We went to a few consignment stores.
I told her she is my accomplice because she usually drives
and I usually buy large things.
I got a few needed items.
Painted one, contemplating on painting the other.
You would think that spending a portion of my day shopping with my bff
would satisfy my addiction temporarily.
But Nay!

I have found myself googling, searching, eye purchasing for the last 2 hours.
Shun my eyes before I break.

Look at these Uh mazing finds.
Pattern Chevron Futon - Coral & White

How adorable is this Futon!
I am absolutely in love.
Not really sure where it'd go though.. Office maybe?

Swoop Slipper Accent Chair - Botanical Yellow  

This chair would be ALMOST perfect for our bedroom.
I'm not sure if I want anything with a print on it.

Manhattan Storage Bench Brown Large  

Or even a bolder color like..

Manhattan Storage Bench Saddle Large  
Would loooove something like this for the foot of our bed.

Maybe I should just use my Target credit card and get all these items!
Haha. I wish.
That thing could get me in trouble.

TVILLING Poster, set of 2 IKEA Motif created by Heather Johnston. 

These in frames would complete our bedroom.

P.s. There has been a fly vacationing in our home for the last week or more.
Just feeling the breeze in his fur as he soars around the living room.
How long do these things live??
I haven't been ninja enough to kill the sucker yet but I will!


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Gina said...

Cute! Did you ever get any of this? haha