Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trends I've Given Into

It has been awhile but I think that tomorrow I am just going to have to play the Friday song on my way to work.
This week has been incredibly tiring. I havent ever actually caught up on my sleep that was missed from flying in late Sunday night.
But tomorrow I'm going to "party'n party'n hey!" all the way to bed and enjoy a long nights rest!
Oh how amazing it sounds!

So sometimes when a trend or something becomes big I don't fall in love with it right away. OR it is one of those things that is like "it works for you but not my style" type thing.
Well that is what happened for me with the Red lipstick fad.

I loved seeing it on certain people but always seemed to look weird on me.
Then last Halloween I threw some of a friend at works on and was diggin it!
Still never really got into it though.
A little too out there and scary.
Yet lately I've been throwing it on for work every once and awhile.
People always say "you look fancy today"
But all I did was put on some lip color!

 I think the final push was when I saw the cover for Taylor's RED album.
Lately I have been playing her single on repeat.

 Another trend thingy?
High waisted skirts/shorts/everything.
At first couldn't seem to get them to look quite right, now I'm obsessed!
On top of that just tucked in shirts in general. But mostly just for the office setting.
Sometimes I'll do it outside of work as well though.


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