Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Way My Day Went

I forced my hubby to take a few pictures of me today.
I'm harsh aren't I?
I haven't taught him how to do the manual settings on my camera yet so I just have him use the automatic trigger.
I'm also not very good at "poses" but I thought it'd be fun to take some pictures in this empty land in front of our house.
It would've been cooler if they weren't building right behind it.
BUT that's alright!

 It was yet another gorgeous sunset.
I am really enjoying these clouds. Plain blue skies are too boring.

Today was great! Except for some negative nancies.
We kicked off a Training this morning and got bagels for the peeps which means I got one too.
And who doesn't love a free bagel in the morning?

My sissy started at my job on Monday and it's been kind of cool seeing her around.
After work Jordan and I just came home. Ate din din and I took a nice bath with a little reading material that came in the mail.

How was your day?


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Ivy said...

Got the Ikea catalog in the mail today, woot woot! That sky and those hills look is sooo gorgeous.