Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shop Poppin / WIW

Anything better than a successful shopping trip?? I think not!
It always makes me feel good and happy.
Sunday I went out with my bestie Gina and took pictures of her beautiful baby girl and then got some Denny's for brunch and hit some stores.
Check it out!

Most of it was on sale too!
T-shirts: Old Navy, Heals: Payless, Moccasins: Old Navy, Candle: Bath and Body Works

Is it just Utah or have you also experienced gorgeous sunsets lately?
They are to die for.
I got a picture or two of the end of one the other night.
I'm in love with the sky.
I wanted to eat it.

I am also choosing to link up with the What I Wore Wednesdays.
This is my outfit from yesterday!

 Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Forever 21, Purse: Target

You can't see my shoes but I'm wearing the moccasins from my Old Navy trip from that picture above.

2 Random Favorite Details:

 Have a fabulous Hump Day!

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Gina said...

Such a cute outfit!!